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An Audiological evaluation is a series of diagnostic procedures, performed in a soundproof room, used to determine the type, degree, and configuration of hearing loss. Result of this evaluation is used to develop an individualized treatment plan in order to improve their communication skills. There are Specialized test protocols for infants and young children.

Audiological assessment is a painless, noninvasive hearing test. Audiological evaluation is carried out by medical professionals called Audiologists.


In an audiological evaluation Pure tone audiometry (PTA) is an important, simple and a basic test. This test is using to identify the hearing thresholds of an individual, it enable degree, type and configuration of hearing loss. It is based on the behavioural response of an individual. Therefore this test is only used on adults and children old enough to cooperate with the test procedure.

Speech Audiometry:

Speech audiometry is a method of measuring a person's ability to recognize speech. This test is similar to the pure tone test, but instead of listening to different tones, you listen to certain words spoken at different volumes.

Impedance Audiometry:

Tympanometry is an objective test of middle-ear function. It is not a hearing test. It is valuable in evaluating middle-ear pathologies and it permits a distinction between sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.


OAE test is Used to find out how well inner ear or cochlea works Hair cells in the cochlea responds to sounds by vibrating, these vibration produces low intensity sounds that back into middle ear. These soft sounds are called Oto Acoustic Emissions. If the hearing loss is greater than 25-30 dB HL, OAEs will not produce.

New Born Hearing Screening:

Hearing screenings for newborns and infants are simple and painless. Your baby rests or sleeps during the test. The two common screening methods for babies are otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) and auditory brainstem response (ABR).

There are 5-6 infants who are hard of hearing out of 1000 neonates. They will not be identified till they attain 2 or more years of age. This late detection means that crucial years of stimulating the hearing centers of the brain will have been lost. The maturation and development of the hearing mechanism may be affected. Speech and language development will not begin. Social and emotional development may be retarded. And future success in school could be threatened. Additionally, some of these children may incorrectly be branded as difficult or intellectually inferior, simply because they have an undetected hearing impairment. Universal hearing screening of new-borns is the only way to decrease the burden of deafness in our society.


BERA( Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry) is an objective electrophysiological test to identify the hearing loss and site of lesion. This test does not require the participation of the patient, All you have to do is rest quietly or sleep during the test, hence it is a more accurate and useful test in childrens. It is a useful tool for early identification. this test is carried out by placing electrodes on different positions and the electrodes will record the neural activities in responds to the sounds you hear through headphones.

Hearing Aids:

Hearing aid is an electronic medical device designed to improve your hearing. For many individuals, the use of hearing aids will enhance their communication and listening skills.

We offers basic to high-end digital hearing aids in a variety of styles (behind the ear, invisible etc) from different manufacturers. We prescribe and fit hearing aids to persons of all ages. Patients and their families will be provided extensive counseling on the care and use of their new hearing aids to ensure maximum benefit. Follow up hearing aid checks and appropriate fitting are essential to the success of the new hearing aid user.

Hearing aid trial and fitting:

Following a hearing test and determination of appropriate hearing aids with an audiologist, a hearing aid evaluation appointment is necessary. This appointment is the day you are fit with your new hearing aids. We understand that the day you receive hearing aids many emotions may arise. We take our time in order to make your experience comfortable. We want to ensure that as you leave, all of your questions have been answered, and that you feel comfortable with the use and care of your new hearing instruments.

Hearing Aid Repair:

Repair services for all makes of hearing aids are provided, even for those hearing aids we did not fit.

"Our mission is to give people with communication and hearing disorders the same opportunity to socialize as those with normal auditory- visual abilities."


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